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Hummus natural

Hummus with pine nuts

Chilli Hummus

in selected stores

Coriander Hummus

in selected stores

Hummus with Tomato Onion Confit

in selected stores

Hummus Natural 170g

Hummus with roasted peppers 170g

Baba Ganoush

Tahini Dip


in selected stores


deli dip Pita

deli dip Tahin (320g)

deli dip Shakshuka (200g)

deli dip Chili Paste (95g)

deli dip Coriander Paste (95g)

deli dip Zahtar (40g)

Hummus natural  1 KG

Hummus natural 3 KG

Falafel (1000 g)

deli dip Pita (900g)

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