It all started with Fanny’s
passion for good food.

Cooking played a big role for Fanny Schreiber from childhood, as her parents had a restaurant in Paris. When she became the mother of her two sons, her passion for healthy and fast food began. She was just not ready to compromise.

Hannes opens new dip worlds.

For her family, Fanny prepared a lot of Hummus and Tahina. At a dinner with the gourmet and Globetrotter in terms of food, Hannes Winkelbauer came up with the idea to start their own production of delicious dips. Hannes is not just a sales person, he also knows what people like.

Fanny and Hannes turn the night into day.

The two began obsessively experimenting, trying to find the ideal ingredients and the best composition. For nights they worked on the recipe: laughing, cursing and drinking wine. Fanny’s family and friends have always been the willing test eaters.


Health and taste
are equally important.

Not only the selection of the best ingredients in the development of the recipe was always an important criterion: The balance of the ingredients had to fit in order to offer a delicious and healthy product. Not at least because dipping is so popular with children.

A symbiosis with
our production boss.

In Dror we found a producer who shares our passion for hummus and healthy, Mediterranean cuisine. Dror knows how to produce our recipes in a way that every Deli Dip product tastes as if it would be prepared at home.

It always has to
taste homemade.

After finishing the test phase, when we first tested the final products, it was clear: Working with Dror was the right decision. The dips tasted exactly like the ones from Fanny’s kitchen – that and nothing else is the claim of Deli Dip.

Also in the future,

quality depends.

To ensure that our products always have the same high quality, we regularly carry out strict inspections. Of course, we continue to use only the best ingredients and gentle processing – just as we would do at home.

With our growht

also our responsibility increases.

We firmly believe that you can reach anything in a team. That’s why we strive for honest and fair working conditions in our core team and for all our employees. For us, responsibility also means that all our used packaging is recyclable.