deli dip Shakshuka (200g)

Braised tomatoes, peppers and onions with herbs and spices, made with passion using our authentic oriental recipe.

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Preparation Shakshuka

It is best to warm up in a pan with 2 eggs inside. Shakshuka is also ideal as a cooking base for ratatouille, letscho, pizza, pasta….

Nutrition facts for 100g
Energy631 kJ
151 kcal
Total Fat9,5 g
Saturated Fat1 g

Total Carbohydrates13 g
Carbohydrates from sugar4,9 g
Protein2,4 g

Salt1 g
Tomatoes 54%
Roasted Paprika * 20% (roasted paprika, wine vinegar, sugar, salt).
Roasted Onion ** 14% (onion, potato starch).
Sunflower Oil, Tomato Paste
Garlic, acidifier: citric acid, table salt
Parsley, coriander, thyme, spices
*(EU), ** (not EU)
without preservative substances