Chickpea: the superfood in deli dip hummus

he chickpeas, which are the main ingredient of deli dip houmous and falafel, not only taste good, they are incredibly healthy.
They have a positive effect on your digestion, your cardiovascular system and your blood sugar level. The chickpea also contains plenty of proteins, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fiber.

Among other things, the American Heart Association, the Vegetarian Federation Germany and the Swiss Society for Nutrition evaluate this legume as a food that is suitable for the prevention of diseases and recommend the regular consumption of chickpeas.
A serving of cooked chickpeas covers 70% of the daily folic acid requirement, 50% of the daily fiber requirement and 25% of the daily iron requirement.

Why are chickpeas especially good for your digestion? Two-thirds of fiber is insoluble. In other words, they help the colon remain unchanged, helping to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, cleanse the colon, and help maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

The chickpea also has an antioxidant effect. Which can help to keep the blood vessels elastic. Consumed regularly, even the blood lipid levels can be lowered.
Chickpeas are not only healthy, they also fill you up. And that at just 120 kcal / 100 g cooked chickpeas. At the same time, the legume with a protein content of just under 20% is an excellent source of protein and thus an almost indispensable source of protein for people who eat vegetarian food.

In summary, the main ingredients of the chickpea are: manganese, copper, folic acid, vitamin B9, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, lysine and vitamins B1, B2, B6.

The chickpea content of deli dip houmous varies depending on the product, but is at least 60%. About 40% of our falafel are chickpeas.