3 Tips to Make Your Kids Eat Veggies

If your child is a real little vegetable lover, then you have drawn the jackpot. Mostly, it takes a lot of persuasion for every carrot or pea from us parents. And even if the piece of vegetable lands in the mouth of your little darling, so the chance is great that the healthy taste experience meets with pure rejection. As a mother of two sons, I know what I’m talking about.

But there are a few tricks on how to make kids into little veggie lovers. I tried it myself with my kids. Today, my children love vegetables.

1. Finger food as a fun factor
Children love to eat with their fingers. That’s just plain fun. Our deli dip houmous is the perfect finger food. Just open the packaging and you can start dipping.

2. Vegetables for snacking
Cut carrots, cucumbers or celery into thin strips. That’s a great trick. So vegetables are “gnashed” by your children rather than eaten. It’s also fun because every slice of veggie becomes a fork that eats bites for bites.

3. Together, it tastes best
Houmous is a dish that is eaten in many countries of the Mediterranean. Sitting and dining together with family and friends has a long tradition. Therefore, the more you dine together at a table, the better it tastes. In addition, it has a model effect: If everybody dips vegetables, your children will join.

Deli dip Houmous is doing well at every kid’s birthday. This healthy finger food is just right after eating a cake and romping with friends. Just when hunger comes.

As I said, with these little tricks I managed to bring vegetables into our daily dishes. Try it out and write me your experience: fanny@delidip.at