Where do you find our deli dip houmous?

We often receive letters in which we receive compliments for our houmous, or people tell us which houmous from our assortment tastes the best. Lately, the news has been piling up with inquiries about where to buy our products.

With Merkur you are spoiled for choice, because there you will find the largest selection of our assortment. Billa also stocks some of our houmous varieties, as well as falafel and guacamole, depending on the store.
deli dip Hummus is available in a variety of variations. The classic is our houmous “nature”. For herbal fans there are deli diphoumous in the variations “coriander” and “pine nuts with wild herbs”. For those who like it a bit sharper, there is the houmous “chili” and those who like Mediterranean food will love the “Tomato Onion Confit”houmous.

Here is an overview of where to buy which products: